Manufacturers of steel construction parts must provide ther constructions with the CE mark. With this quality mark the manufacturer declares that all constructive requirements have been met. To be able to bring this quality mark to the manufacturer are certified to NEN EN 1090-1

Within the NEN EN 1090-1 a distinction is made between four implementing classes, either EXC (Execution classes), namely EXC1 to EXC4 construction classes.

AA-Dee is since 2014 by KIWA accredited and provides you with a CE mark with a corresponding declaration of performance (DOP) on all manufactured by us steel construction parts to EXC3.

VCA stands for safety, health and environment checklist contractors. VCA is meant to be safer to work and to reduce the number of accidents. VCA is in fact much more than a checklist. It is a versatile program that allows service companies are tested and certified on their HSE management system. VCA-certification is intended for companies that work with increased risk in a risky area. Often it is those construction or maintenance work taking place on building sites, in factories and workshops and plants. AA-Dee is in accordance with the VCA ** certified and can also act as the main contractor..

The ISO 9001 quality standard is the internationally accepted standard for quality management systems. Quality is in this standard for the degree to which Aa-dee meets the wishes and requirements of our clients. Quality management according to this standard is therefore a system which Aa-dee used to improve customer satisfaction and a tool to the processes transparent and maintainable.

NEN-EN1090-1   ( CE-Mark )