Aa-Dee Machinefabriek Staalbouw example Netherlands focuses on activities in the metal construction. The creation of complex steel structures is the core business of our company. Aa-Dee arranges a project from design to installation.

As a strategic partner, we coordinate , think, construct and act as a full service provider. We are also a reliable partner with a lot of experience in our 60-year-old family business.

We provide all disciplines for the development of the steel structures and the after sales. from design to production, conservation, assembly and maintenance. That means constructing steel (construction) elements, , workshop drawings, manufacture and assembly of steel constructions, performing service and repair, and finally to carry out revision work. All of this is done using advanced electronic systems and innovative equipment. That means great flexibility, short lead time and efficient lines of communication. With Aa-Dee as a partner clients can look forward carefree performance of their mission.


Residential building, non-residential building

  • Utility and residential
     Architectural steel structures
  • Turnkey projects
    from design to manufacturing. We arrange everything
  • Stairs, ramps and railings
      The perfect finish for your project


  • Maintenance
    a Fast response time without interrupting production
  • Revision
    Aa-Dee ensures that your machine meets today’s requirements
  • New machinery
    Aa-Dee provides business knowledge


  • Noise Barriers
    A reputation for reliability, delivery reliability and the right price
  • Briges and railings
    Voor de perfecte verwezenlijking van het ontwerp
  • highway portals
    Low-maintenance, durable steel products

Frame’s Kw220 Parkstad Limburg

16 November 2016

geluidschermen noord zuid lijn

Geluidschermen Noordzuidlijn

9 March 2016

Windscherm station staal constructie geluidscherm

Windscherm Station Wormerveer

6 January 2016

staal constructie geluidscherm

Geluidscherm A20

6 January 2016



8 October 2015