At Aa-Dee have we all the disciplines for the emergence of complex steel constructions. That means that the entire process of design, production, conservation and Assembly is in our own management. Also the maintenance and revision we do at our own facility.

In the unlikely event that we use third parties for specialist pathways, are that regular suppliers. Of these vendors we know what quality they provide, which incidentally becoming again annually by us is carried out. We need extra workers, then it happens that with flexible employees, via a fixed employment organization.

For the design of the buildings-we have the best technicians and engineers, who are able to perform complex calculations for the most economical and solid steel constructions. They use the automated 3D drawing system Tekla Structures and are able to quickly communicate electronically, making the production process efficient and error-free.

During this process, Aa-Dee has a machine park that includes a large number of computer-controlled machines. CNC-controlled machines are used for die-cutting, saw and cutting operations. Also for welding work is the most innovative equipment in house.

All our welders  are certified according to the standard EN-ISO 9606-1. The entire production process is according to NEN-EN 1090-1.

Also in conservation proces we have the necessary experience. Also powder coating and hot-dip galvanising is possible. For this we have selected suitable partners.

De eigen montageploeg is uiteraard VCA-gecertificeerd en werkt in binnen- en buitenland. Want bij Aa-Dee kennen we in geen enkel opzicht afstandsbarrières.

Our own Assembly team is obviously VCA certified and works all over the world.

Policy principles

The policy of Aa-Dee is based on several basic principles. First of all, we strive for continuous improvement in our organisation. Therefore, the several disciplines are divided into business units geared to product groups. That means a transparent organisation and efficient performance.

Furthermore, care for the security, health and environment of our employees, clients and other parties always has priority at Aa-Dee.The company targets have been laid down in a KAM year plan (quality , health, safety and environment), which is adjusted annually and whose content is made known to the staff.

Aa-Dee’s quality standards are based on the ISO 9001 and NEN-EN 1090-1 norm.

Attention to safety and the environment has been established in accordance with the Safety Checklist Contractors (VCA ) with an additional supplement for the environment. We are VCA ** certified. The compliance with the VCA standard is for our clients a guarantee of safety , health and heart for the environment. For our employees, it also means that they are part of an agile , modern organization .